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Diversity: opportunities for all

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Diversity management in universities is not only tolerant of individual diversity but also emphasises its value. Diversity should be used positively for the success of the university. Diversity at universities means, for example, developing equal opportunities and strengthening equal opportunities officers, empowering women in the academic system, equal participation of students and employees with disabilities and chronic illnesses, or striving for a better balance between study and family.

Universities in Saxony have worked intensively on the subject of diversity in recent years, for example by means of their guiding principles to promote internationality, lifelong learning or to work towards equality between men and women. Diversity management departments were set up with the aim of developing an overall concept for recognising and appreciating the diversity of members of the university and for breaking structural barriers. Many Saxon universities are now certified as family-friendly universities. Representation of women is also supported at all levels of the academic system. The Women Professors Programme of the federal and state governments has funded more than 20 women professors in Saxony so far.

The Coordination Office for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities at Saxon universities and colleges sees itself as a nationwide institution that actively supports all actors in the higher education sector, who advocate gender equality and the inclusion of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

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